Dorfentwicklung Goosefeld

Participatory design project with the Gemeinde Goosefeld in Schleswig-Holstein. Our assignment was to co-create new ways of social interaction and cohesions between the established and newly arrived residents of the 780+ people village.

Workshop I

The goal of the first workshop was to kick-off the shared mission between the inhabitants of the village by building a relationship with them. Activities were: Deciding on interventions and scopes of the project, onboarding and co-creating the design process with them, to be truly participatory and not forced by us.

User Research

Mixed Approach of quantitative Survey underpinned with qualitative interviews among diverse inhabitants gave us an understanding and enabled us to prepare fields of opportunities for the participatory idea workshop that followed.

Workshop II

Together with 20+ inhabitants we ideated on ideas and concepts that contribute to fields of opportunities, that we synthesised during our research. Our aim was to not only generate ideas but also define measures to prototype and text their effectiveness for the desired social interaction. Working groups were formed and plans outlined.

Prototyping & Testing

Currently underway, it is organised locally by the inhabitants and will be followed up by a concluding workshop.