Together with Miriam Yasbay we created an interactive workshop format and space at Opening Weekend of the Futurium — a museum for the future — in Berlin.

We crafted a workshop for a diverse group of participants, from elementary school to 10. grade and from all over Berlin. Our mission was to make them experience what it will be like to work in the future, a future of constant change. The concept of lifelong learning was at the center of our short sessions, in which participants reflected on how they can enable themselves to keep on learning after they leave school.

A playful and tangible format made sure that also very young kids could participate, while reflective elements engaged older age groups.

The space we designed and created did not only host the workshop sessions, but also offered opportunities for interaction with other visitors, via a card wall for exchange and information about the necessary skills of the future of work.

Collaboration with Miriam Yasbay