U30 Barcamp & Zukunftskongress

In 2017 together with Lena Sarp I partnered up with _Wegweiser_ & Fraunhofer ÖFIT to bring human-centered Design into the public administrations sector in Germany.

We designed and moderated/facilitated a barcamp event for 100+ participants in the Microsoft Atrium in Berlin Friedrichstraße. The goal was to listen in to the needs of young citizens and employees of the public sector in Germany and synthesize these findings into an exhibition at the Zukunftskongress — the leading conference for digitalization in the German public sector.

We used a human-centered approach to structure discussions and enable deep and concrete conversations quickly. We synthesized the input of 20 discussion into an exhibition and audio installation (Hörmal), where visitors of the conference could listen to user stories to gain empathy for the challenges civil servants face today.

  • Design & facilitation of a Barcamp with 100+ participants
  • Concept & Design & Production of a Booth for displaying the results
  • Guerrilla interventions throughout the event

Collaboration: Lena Sarp, Nicola Süsser & Bassanta Thapa