Instead of telling you what I am, which is kind of hard anyway, let me guide you through my projects. Then you can decide, what I am.

Start off with Bauhaus Summer School, where I design and facilitate learning experiences for international students in beautiful Weimar for a couple of years now. A similiar project was a Workshop for the Opening of the Futurium in Berlin 2019, as well as the Impact Week in Amman and Nepal.

Goosefeld was a participatory design project for a rural village in norther Germany and was easily one of my highlights 2019, next to the commercial design projects for clients, which I cannot show here. More participatory design work and experiences are the Barcamp and Zukunftskongress, as well as the experimental workshop Seid Egal I did at Volksbühne in 2018.

I work with different technologies, like Arduinos and analog processes. You can see some of my work in the Daimler Touch Prototypes, the Electric Blue Prints and the 3w20 Coachbot.

Exploration of life can be found visually with my Journeys and more personally in my Journal. Since a few years I am organizing photo walks in Berlin: They are called Street Zen and you can join us.

Writing and solitude are necessary tools for me to make sense — I brought both together in Table for One to capture the magic of some bars and restaurants in Berlin. In Hanoi I was intrigued by everyday objects that are quite extraordinary when you dig deeper. Common Display is the result of this and also a venture into Social Business.

In 2019 I also co-founded EX Lab in Berlin. A design agency for workplace innovation to create working environments that fulfil employees. Our work there evolves around re-designing team structures and organisational orders. During our exploration we tested different business niches. One of these experiments was Why Mondays Because Thursdays — an ad-hoc online class about coaching Design Thinking.

I coach teams on their journey to create products and services and I am always happy to collaborate and build something. If you have an idea or project that might interest me, please write me an email.